Convictional Leadership


Pastor and author Albert Mohler once said, “You can divide all leaders into those who merely hold an office or position and those who hold great convictions.”  As a leader convictions are something  you hold, but they also hold you.  Your convictions to lead must be founded at the core of who you are because they permeate all that you will do in your life as an individual and also as a leader.  If people don’t believe in you and your convictions, why should they  believe in where you want to lead them.  The most impactful leaders are those who hold the greatest convictions.  They know who they are and what they believe and they know where they are going and they compel you to come along with them on the journey.  Leaders move people, but it convictions that move the leader.  When everything else is falling apart all around them the leader with deep convictions can continue to hold their ground and eventually begin to press forward.  For lasting leadership that can be sustained through the years, we must lead from our convictions.  Our convictions to lead bind our purpose to our values and keep us going straight to our objective despite all the distractions and discouragements along the way.  To know why you lead and where you are going, I encourage you, as a leader, to know your convictions.  What matters to you the most as a leader? And how does your convictions compel others to follow.  If you must lead, lead with convictional leadership.

“A Wretch Like Me” ~ David D. Hanson


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