I looked for the Lord while in the storm.

Weary, wayworn and torn;

I was sinking like a ship tattered upon life’s sea.

Looking for a hand to reach out to save me.

I looked for the Lord beyond the storm,

But blinded by the heavy swell that threatened to cause my harm.

Without any hope that I could see;

I was in need of the Savior to reach down and rescue me.

I thought to myself, “How can I survive this trial?”

“How can I bare to go one extra mile?”

I wanted so desperately to be free;

From this storm that had overtaken me.

In my vain thoughts I wondered, “Did my Lord abandon me?”

“Did He leave me here alone to drown in this sea?”

Then a hand; a strong arm reach down and lifted me.

It was my Savior, my Lord, who came to rescue me.

I said, “Lord I am ready to get out of this sea.”

Quickly as I spoke, His Word rose in my heart and and gently reminded me, “My Grace is sufficient for thee.”

How much more l wondered as I stood with Him on that sea.

The storm didn’t still but by now I could see;

My heart was at rest as I walked in the midst of the waves with my Lord guiding me.

As I reflect back on that boisterous sea, His Grace truly was sufficient for me.

My Lord who I thought left me alone in that sea,

Was there all along strengthening me.

When life storms arise and certain they will;

Thank Christ for the storm for this is His will.

His child through His blood He has purchased you on Calvary’s tree.

Surrender to Him and He will take care of thee.

Storms come and go but remember still;

Your Savior is with you and this is His will.

Though trials and storms come as they be;

It is those same trials and waves that push you to the Rock of Ages standing firm in the midst of your stormy sea.

“A Wretch Like Me” – David D. Hanson

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