The Everlasting Arms

Underneath me are the Everlasting Arms;

They catch me when I fall,

They correct me when I stray.

They keep me from sin,

And guide me along life’s way.

When troubles cross my path,

I find refuge under their strength.

When life is falling apart & heartache enters my day;

His Hands keep me on His path,

I rest on the Ancient of Days.

His Arms are not too short that He can’t save.

His eyes look to and fro and help me along life’s way.

His hands stretched out to me carry the scars of love;

They willing bore my sins,

And He wrote my name above.

Like a child He wraps me in His arms and blesses me with His grace.

And as my days turn into years and my youth like a flower fades,

He bares me in His arms until I fly away.

The valley I now near and death’s shadow covers my face;

In my Shepherd’s hands His rod and staff keep me from all fear as night turns into perfect day.

“A Wretch Like Me” – David D. Hanson

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